Live Online Certification Trainings



Spark NLP Live Online Training

July 28-29

This two-day workshop will walk you through state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) using John Snow Labs’ open-source Spark NLP library. This is a hands-on workshop that will enable you to write, edit, and run live Python notebooks that cover the majority of the open-source library’s functionality.

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Spark NLP for Healthcare Data Scientists Live Online Training

August 4-5

Spark NLP for Healthcare provides production-grade, scalable, and trainable implementation of novel healthcare-specific natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and models. The product is licensed by John Snow Labs, the creator of Spark NLP, and provides data scientists with a library and pre-trained models for the most common medical NLP tasks. This is a hands-on workshop that will enable you to write, edit, and run Python notebooks that use the product’s functionality.

The workshop is organized in two three hour-long sessions, each followed by 30 minutes of self-guided coding, on Python notebooks relevant to each section. This is a live online workshop and the instructors will be available during the self-guided sessions to answer questions.

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Certification Training at NLP Summit 2020

Oct 13-16

Join the NLP Virtual Summit: two weeks of immersive, industry focused content. Week one will include 30 unique sessions, with a special NLP Healthcare track. Week two will feature beginner to advanced trainings with certificates. Attendees will also have an opportunity to participate in a datathon and join coffee chats with speakers and industry experts.

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