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Accurate de-identification, obfuscation, and editing of scanned medical documents and images

Watch live on August 19th at 2pm EST


One kind of noisy data that healthcare data scientists deal with is scanned documents and images: from PDF attachments of lab results, referrals, or genetic testing to DICOM files with medical imaging. These files are challenging to de-identify, because personal health information (PHI) can appear anywhere in free text – so cannot be removed with rules or regular expressions – or “burned” into images so that it’s not even available as digital text to begin with.

This webinar presents a software system that tackles these challenges, with lessons learned from applying it in real-world production systems. The workflow uses:

  • Spark OCR to extract both digital and scanned text from PDF and DICOM files
  • Spark NLP for Healthcare to recognize sensitive data in the extracted free text
  • The de-identification module to delete, replace, or obfuscate PHI
  • Spark OCR to generate new PDF or DICOM file with the de-identified data
  • Run the whole workflow within a local secure environment, with no need to share data with any third party or a public cloud API

Presented by Dr. Alina Petukhova - Data Scientist at John Snow Labs